And Howls for Us to Follow


And Howls for us to Follow is a collection of poetry celebrating the wisest and simplest virtues of our complicated world. Addressing the state and health of both the individual and the culture, these poems are layered with truths that transform and grow as the reader transforms and grows. In the tradition of Blake and Whitman, And Howls for us to Follow is profoundly personal and universal, insightful and timely.


Kenny Rose Butts is a teacher and poet and author of the critically acclaimed poetry volumes AmBush of America and To Where A Pony Tale & Other Tales. Kenny has long been a voice for the issues and ideals reflected in his poetry.

Book Information

  • Subtitle: A Book of Poems
  • Author: Kenny Rose Butts
  • Cover Artist: Lane Cosner
  • ISBN (Softbound): 0-9720510-0-7
  • Library of Congress Number: 2002 141286
  • Category: Poetry
  • Price (Softbound): $14.95 US
  • Total Pages: 128
  • Page Trim Size: 7X10
  • Cover: 4 Color
  • First Printing: 3,000
  • Front & Back Includes: Dedication, Contents, Prolog, Epilog

Cover Artist

Lane Cosner, resides in Southwest Oregon, surrounded by deep, cool forests and wild rivers. He has worked for many years in the oil medium, inks and pencil. He has shown his works from Boulder, Colorado to Manhattan Beach, California and in his home state of Oregon. His styles range from visionary dreamscapes, psychedelic and surrealistic, to landscape realism. He has now traversed many worlds and lands as yet unexplored. His works reflect these journeys.


The words in Kenny Rose Butts’ poetic revelations and prophecies survive the journey from thought to page with vigor and complexity. His work is of its time, current and compelling. It is thoughtful and valuable … it is, ultimately, necessary poetry.

Marc Garcia-Martinez, Instructor of English, Allan Hancock College

This is a book that you pick up with anticipation and put down with trepidation, for the words of this poet cannot fail to strike at the heart. Read these poems more than once, for with each rereading the surface begins to fragment and a deeper purpose reveals itself. Masterfully composed, the play on words will leave you marveling.

Elizabeth Batt, Digital Journal

Journeying through Kenny Rose Butts’ poetry is an experience of both enlightenment and splendor. With an air of enchantment and a sprinkling of mystique, readers glide weightlessly page by page. Without throwing cause or caution to the wind, Kenny accurately and articulately shows true expressionism in these creative works.

Jennifer Hollowell,

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